1) Are SARMs legal? What about the proposed SARMs Control Act?

Yes, in the US, SARMS are currently legal to buy and sell as research chemicals. However, if the U.S. SARMs Control Act of 2019 passes in 2020, SARMs will become Schedule III drugs, like steroids, and illegal to possess or sell in the U.S. (more).

Additionally, China (the only source of SARMs at scale) has recently announced they are banning the export of SARMs. We are pleased to announce, however, we are fully back in business after several months of sourcing work and product testing. There is no need to panic, however do stay in the loop here.

Please note the ”in stock qty” displayed on product pages represents the number of bottles we have available to sell, not necessarily our total available stock level.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) have not been approved in the US by the FDA for human consumption as dietary supplements. In accordance with US laws pertaining to the use of Investigational New Drugs (IND’s) products labeled as SARMs on sarmtech.nl are sold for laboratory and clinical research purposes only, are intended solely for investigational use, and are to be used exclusively for purposes of a clinical trial that is the subject of an effective investigational new drug application; otherwise, you are not authorized to purchase our SARM products. You are not permitted to sell or resell any of our products. By using this site and/or purchasing our products, you agree SARMTECH is not liable for any unintended effects or outcomes. You are not permitted to use or purchase from sarmtech.nl if you are under 21 years of age.

2) Are SARMTECH products legit?

With so many poor quality sources out there, our primary goal, as always, is to provide pure and potent products, and to do this consistently – every batch, every order, every bottle.

Check out this article SARMs Pricing, Quality, and Value, where we link to a study that revealed about 60% of all SARMs sold are fake or under-dosed! This fueled us to invest heavily in sourcing agents, material and lab inspections, massive product testing, and tamper-proof packaging. Our focus on quality, combined with our “stop at a fair profit” pricing model is why almost 70% of our sales come from repeat customers.

We do everything possible to provide a high level of pre-purchase buyer confidence, shipping protection, and after-purchase assurance, including:

  • Transparent product review system — reviews and counting — good and bad alike, nothing held back — honest feedback from verified buyers — largest repository of SARMs reviews on the planet
  • Triple Lab Certification on all SARMs product — see “Lab Analysis” tab on product pages or view all COA’s, 3rd party lab tests, raw data here

3) What is the shelf life of SARMs?

Technically, the ”shelf life” of SARMs is unknown.

A lot of other companies stamp a 2 year sell-buy date on their products. Perhaps they’re following practices from the supplement industry, or trying to make products appear more legitimate. We don’t date-stamp our products.

It’s not that we think it’s necessarily a bad practice. Our products are in capsules and our bottles are also double-sealed (triple if you count the mylar), and include a silica pack moisture inhibitor. But a lot of other companies sell a liquid form, or bag of powder that’s not vacuum-sealed. It doesn’t take a scientist to know these forms can lose efficacy — and liquids lose consistency — over the course of a year or two.

Air, heat, light, and moisture are the enemies. We’ll offer our informed opinion that a capsulized product in powder form could last quite a long time if not overly exposed to these elements. And if one took extra measures, say placing bottles in a brown bag in a refrigerator (not a freezer), one could be looking at a very long, zombie-apocolyptic, timeframe indeed.

4) What is the proper compound, dose, cycle, etc. for a specific research purpose?

For legal reasons we cannot advise you on specific SARMs, doses, cycles, or uses.

SARMs have not been approved by the FDA (in the US) for human consumption as dietary supplements (read disclaimer in FAQ #1). As sellers, we’re limited on how we discuss the use of SARMs, which are classified as IND chemicals for research use only.

Similarly, we can’t discuss potential effects or “side” effects that SARMs could have on research subjects. We leave the research up to the researchers. We’re sellers, not doctors or scientists. Our job is to bring to market the purest pharma-grade SARMs, ensuring quality from raw material, to packaging, to your door. If we play by the rules, we can continue to do this for years to come.

There are many sources available for this information (including many of our Customer Reviews) but we are not allowed or qualified to advise on your research study.

We can say…

Sales trends over time with our products suggest most researchers choose one primary anabolic (muscle building) compound, such as RAD-140 or LGD-4033 or S-23 or S-4. More is not always better.

If and when a study involves multiple goals (such as also injury recovery/prevention, losing fat, increasing endurance, reducing myostatin, increasing GH, or lowering estrogen levels), we generally see a primary SARM stacked with one or more secondary compounds (such as, respectively, MK-2866, or GW-501516 and/or SR-9009, or YK-11, or MK-677, or Andro AI) to achieve these goals.

These statements are not guidance or product recommendations — they are merely observations of sales patterns. Please also see the “commonly stacked with” section of the Research Profile on each SARM product page.

5) Is there a discount for buying bulk quantities?

6) I found another “SARMTECH” or a similar-looking product – is this you?

No. We only sell here, on our website, and our products look like this. As we’ve grown over the years several copycats have emerged to ride the coat tails of our hard work.

Some copy our capsule colors and dosage, some copy our label, some even copy our logo and call themselves SARMTECH.

It’s been said ‘immitation is the highest form of flattery’, but clearly we don’t approve of these products and urge buyers to use caution.

7) How do I earn and redeem Reward Points?

Points are earned several different ways, as described here:
Reward PointsReward Points

Points are redeemed to discount products at Checkout. You can redeem points or use a promotion discount code, but usually not both at the same time, so choose whichever yields the greater discount.

8) How do I pay with Bitcoin?

Paying with bitcoin is secure, fast, and easy, plus your purchase is automatically discounted.

Quick How-to:
1) Sign up with any cryptocurrency service, such as Coinbase, Gemini, etc.
2) Buy bitcoin with a debit/credit card or bank account.
3) Once funded, return to our Checkout page and select Pay with Bitcoin.
4) Copy the BTC address shown and paste it into a Send transaction on your crypto service’s site or app.

9) What is your return/refund policy?

SARMs Refunds and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our products for any reason
you may return the unused portion
with at least 50% remaining
for a full refund.


Our high quality, high volume, and low return rate allows us to offer a No-Risk, No-Hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee that no other seller offers.

Called “The industry’s most generous return policy” for a reason.

We stand behind our products. Period.


SARMs have an excellent track record over the past decade. However, researching with SARMs can be a subjective experience based on many factors.


Must-read > James’ Do’s & Don’ts.


To start the return process, simply contact us with your order # and return request.


Other companies are less confident or don’t have the volume to offer this — they either don’t have a refund policy or it’s only for unopened bottles.


Do not contact your bank or credit card for a refund/dispute. Doing that starts a data-collection process where we submit transaction data that results in your card issuer cancelling your account, since SARMs are in a “high-risk” category. Besides once we submit proof-of-delivery the dispute gets settled in our favor.

Shipping Q&A

10) Where do you ship from?

We ship from the USA. Our company is located in Netherlands, but our US shipping partner handles all shipping since that’s where most of our customers live.

11) What is the cost for shipping?

Regardless of quantity –

U.S. shipping is a flat rate:
+ $10.00 USPS First Class Mailn© — usually takes 3-7 days, but often varies
+ $15.00 USPS Priority Mail© — 2-3 days, fairly reliably
+ $25.00 USPS Priority Express Mail© — 1-2 days (usually next day if order placed before 3pm MST), and includes insurance

FREE Priority Mail© shipping on U.S. orders over $200.
FREE Priority Express Mail© shipping on U.S. orders over $350.

International (non-US) shipping is a flat rate:
+ $20.00 USPS First Class International Mail© — usually 7-14 days, but often varies
+ $30.00 USPS Priority International Mail© — 6-12 days, fairly reliably

Shipping averages us negative 22% profit – we don’t make money on shipping. Others may offer free or cheaper shipping but it’s probably only First Class (slowest option) and/or they make it up elsewhere.

12) When will I receive my order?


See above for typical shipping times for each service.

Orders placed before 5 pm (EST – Eastern Time Zone) are shipped same day. Otherwise they are processed and shipped the next day. Orders placed Sundays or major holidays are processed and shipped the next day.

Tracking information for your orders can be found under My Account > Orders. You can also track your package route step-by-step and get text-alerts on your USPS tracking page. Sometimes USPS delays in updating their tracking information so don’t live and die by it.

We have no special relationship with USPS — we see the same tracking info as you.

USPS delivers Priority Mail© on a completely different track than First Class©. Both methods are fairly good at keeping their estimated delivery timeframes. However about 3% of the time for First Class© and about 1% of the time for Priority Mail©, there’s some unexplainable delay or a lack of tracking information, or both. USPS is completely unhelpful and ineffective at locating parcels in its mailstream. BUT – in every case the package is eventually delivered, or there’s some address issue and it heads back our way and we let you know.

In the unlikely event a U.S. order takes longer than 20 days to arrive, or 60 days for an International (non-US) non-seized order to arrive, we offer polite customers a 50% Off code to re-place their order, and when the original order shows up they can either keep it or return it for a refund.

Except for Priority Express© (US only) USPS does NOT guarantee shipping timeframes. For example, USPS uses the term Priority Mail© 2-3 Day because it typically takes 2 to 3 (business) days. Typical but not guaranteed. We have no control of the inner-workings of USPS so there’s nothing we can do to speed up a delayed order. Your USPS tracking link shows you (and us) the sum total of all available information known about your order’s shipping progress. We have zero say in the operations of the United States Postal Service nor, obviously, the postal services of foreign countries. Your order WILL arrive … either at your address (99.99% likely) or back to us if there was a problem (0.01% likely). In the meantime, emailing us repeatedly with questions we don’t have answers to will only cost everyone time and money. However, if it’s been longer than the time shown above in blue, do contact us for next steps.

13) Will I need to sign for my order?

No. We don’t use signature required options when shipping.

14) Is the packaging discreet?

Our packages are discreet – there are no indications of the contents and the label reads from “Shipping Dept”.

15) Do you ship to PO Boxes or APO’s? Do you offer a military discount?

Yes. We ship to PO Boxes and to APO/FPO/DPO’s. Please format your military shipping address correctly – tips.

Our better-value-than-competitors, “stop at a fair profit” pricing model, plus Reward Points, freebies, and promo codes allows everyone the maximum possible discount.

16) What if my International (non-US) order is seized by Customs?
Customs Seizure notice at Checkout
Customs Seizure notice at Checkout

As shown during checkout, we do not offer refunds or replacement shipping for Customs seizures.

We ship to every country, and in over 100,000 orders we’ve had relatively very few issues due to the way we package, invoice, and declare our orders.

It is your responsibility to know the import regulations for your country.

In the unlikely event your order is randomly inspected and seized by your Border & Customs agency you will see this info on your USPS tracking page (locate your USPS tracking link here: My Account > Orders > View). You should receive a call or written notice from them if the hold exceeds 7 days. If not you need to contact them to initiate the release process by acknowledging the compounds are for research use only (for Canada, contact CBSA at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-461-9999).

Most countries give Customs agents broad discretion and they often don’t even play by their own rules. Or they don’t even know. Example: a few months ago a customer in Australia had an order inspected and when he received it 3 weeks later found the SARMs intact but NO2 (arginine based) was removed. They enclosed a copy of an obscure anti-arginine import/export rule. A few weeks later (again Australia) the exact opposite occurred.

Due to the way we package and declare orders, we often hear our seizure rate is lower than other sellers. However, please do take note of risk estimates below.

Current seizure risk estimates (UPDATED 1/31/2020)

  • Canada — 10%
  • Australia — 25% (notable increase since Jan 2020)
  • GB and Israel — < 1%
  • All others — 20%

Seized orders have 3 potential outcomes:

(1) Released after 1-30 days of inspection time (+10 more days to forward it on to you)

(2) Returned to us after 1-30 days of inspection time (+30 more days to return it to us)

If the order is returned to us we will let you know and issue you a full refund.

(3) Destroyed or permanently detained

We do not offer refunds or replacement shipping for Customs seizures.

17) What do I do if my order tracking shows “Delivered” but it’s not here?

In over 100,000 orders we’ve heard this quite a few times, and here’s our informed opinion …

In most cases it’s mailbox theft, or theft on your property. Our advice: get a wifi camera, such as Blink. They’re cheap now — there’s no excuse not to have one.

-OR- You accidentally gave us the wrong address: check under Orders. Our advice: contact them.

-OR- You live in a community or apartment building and it was too big to fit into your tiny mailbox. Our advice: check with the landlord, leasing office, parcel locker, and adjacent neighbors.

-OR- Mail carrior error 1 — Somtimes the order arrives in the next day or two, presumably due to the carrior marking it “delivered” but inadvertently leaving it on the truck. Our advice: wait for the next day’s mail.

-OR- Mail carrior error 2 — Sometimes there’s a misdelivery to the wrong address. Hopefully the unintended recipient marks it “not at this address” which puts it back into the mailstream, which will show in the tracking. It may be forwarded on to you, or it could be returned to us and we’ll let you know.

Note: First Class© packages are a plain white poly bag, Priorty Mail© packages are in a white USPS Priority Mail© padded envelope – both have a shipping label from “Shipping Dept”.

If you suspect theft, especially if it’s a large order, we suggest literally waiting for your carrier the next day and having a discussion with them. But most of us have to work days, so the next logical step is to visit your post office. Take your ID and tracking # (under My Account > Orders > View), discuss the issue, and see what they say.

Clearly we can’t do anything about theft, errors on the part of the postal service(s), mail handling at your apartment, etc.. For every honest person who didn’t get their “delivered” order, there’s one or two dishonest ones who game the system. We can’t raise prices for everyone else in order to give refunds for parcels that show “delivered.” Honest people reading this will understand it. If your parcel really didn’t show up, do the legwork outlined above and you might yet retrieve it.